About Us

‘One Simple Change at a time…’
makes Ireland more inclusive.

Let’s imagine a society that is inclusive for everyone. This is what Challenge Access is about.

Take the places we go to enjoy ourselves; A Restaurant. A visual impairment may not allow someone to read the Menu. The size, shape and font of the menu print, can have a huge bearing on their experience. A mobility impairment can be unnecessarily affected by the layout of Restaurant tables.
Our physical environment can be more disabling than the disability itself. Without knowing, it can isolate members of society unnecessarily.
Simple changes can make a world of difference.

One simple change at a time is our aim. Challenge Access aims to encourage communities, schools, councils, businesses and the wider public to make a ‘One Simple Change’ to improve accessibility. This will lay the foundations for a more vibrant and inclusive society.

This campaign is about creating awareness and finding solutions.

‘Inclusion is a right, not a privilege.’

We must think differently about access. We must make Irish society more inclusive.

‘One Simple Change’
at a time can do just that.

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See what changes you can make to improve accessibility.

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